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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Crime Report: June 17-23, 2020

Thanks to Cpl, Blackwell, vablackwell@co.pg.md.us

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Furlough Cheesecake Sisters Give Sweet Treats to Essential Workers

(Click on the image for Shomari Stone's News4 report)
  • "Remember those Maryland sisters that turned their frustrations into sweet success back during the government shutdown? They’re getting creative again during the coronavirus pandemic. News4’s Shomari Stone spoke with them about what they’re doing to give back to the community."
  • Nikki Howard and Jaqi Wright supported last year's District VII Police Appreciation Thanksgiving event with donations of their delicious cheesecake!

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

‘This must stop’: Reckless driving soars amid COVID-19 closures

(Click on the image for Rob Woodfork's WTOP report)
  • The global coronavirus pandemic has eased traffic congestion in the D.C. area but has led to a dramatic rise of excessive speeding at a time when more people are walking or riding bicycles.
  • It is imperative for all children and their parents, and it behooves all pedestrians, joggers, motorcyclists, exercisers, cyclists, and moped and e-scooter riders to review proper safety tips and take necessary precautions to make these outdoor activities as safe as possible.
Click on the image for AAA's bike safety tips.

Monday, May 4, 2020

Maryland State Police Cite Beltway Driver for 136 mph

(Click on the image for the MSP news release)
Just yesterday [May 3, 2020], troopers from the College Park Barrack working speed enforcement on the Capital Beltway and I-95 issued citations for the following:
  • 80-89 mph – 3 citations
  • 90-99 mph – 12 citations
  • 100+  mph – 7 citations, including speeds measured at 114, 120, 130 and 136 mph.
Maryland State Police highway safety initiatives in this region and throughout the state will continue, in cooperation with the Maryland Department of Transportation and local law enforcement.  Please obey the speed limit, do not drive aggressively or impaired and always buckle up.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Coronavirus Cases & Deaths in Long-Term Care Facilities

(Click on the image for Jodie Fleischer's News4 report)

At least 46 of Maryland's long-term care facilities have a greater number of staff members who are infected with COVID-19 than residents, according to a News4 I-Team review of data the state released Wednesday evening. Some homes report having only staff members infected.
The revelation comes as state health officials work to enact measures to control the spread of the virus through assisted living and nursing homes, where more than 1,500 staff have tested positive.
"We've had people that were on the non-corona side that have now tested positive that before had tested negative," said one nursing home worker who asked not to be identified. "These people cannot leave their rooms. They're obviously getting it from staff."

Crime Report: April 22-28, 2020

Provided by Cpl. Rannacher, sdrannacher@co.pg.md.us, 240-507-8110.

Stay safe and stay healthy. Use a mask when you are in public. Please drive responsibly!

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Covid-19 Cases in Prince George's Nursing Homes

(Click on the image for the data source)

This dataset reflects congregate living facilities in Maryland (i.e., nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and group homes with 10 or more occupants) that have confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths. Data are based on facility reports to MDH, which may be revised if additional information becomes available. Facilities listed report at least one confirmed case of COVID-19.